The character in the immersive: A look into building dramatic characters using Chekhov techniques by using the grotesque body as a starting point. A chance to explore how the body alone can become a basis for forming a character that is multi-dimensional.
The ensemble: Looking at how to build a core ensemble using a variety of methods including Lecoq, Chekhov and Grotowski and our own methodologies to create a strong founded dynamic between the collective and the space.
The space: How the design and architecture of a site can heavily impact on experience. Exploring the influence of the space on the body and translating the atmosphere of the site to inform the devising process using a range of exercises and games.

These workshops can be amalgamated, hashed a part or kept simply as is depending on the project. As previously tailored for the Brit School,Kent University, RIFT, Ideastap and Goldsmiths. More detailed information is included in our workshop pack, please email for a copy.