Shoreditch Town Hall, 2013

The Wall by RIFT is an alternate world, filled with cartoonish characters and split down the middle. One side poor revolutionary Borduria; the other the faded grandeur of aristocratic Syldavia. This is fiction. This is Eastern Europe. This is the 1970s. Anything’s possible. You are in the centre of a disputed territory. Tearing through it’s heart is a wall. A border between two countries: Borduria and Syldavia.


The Wall, Shoreditch Town Hall, November, 2013

Commission by RIFT within The Wall.
Devised, set design and performed by

Thomas Bostock, Alistair Foylan, Phoebe Naughton, Holly Shuttleworth, Bryn Fitch, Ally Couch & Joe Mercier

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