New Diorama 2, 2017
Devised Work

It Made Me Consider Me, ND2, February, 2018

Welcome to RALPH.
You have been headhunted, selected, chosen.
Picked from the finest, to be the finest.
Here at RALPH we are building your stories and your mind is key.
The first of the rest of your life begins here, welcome to the team.

It Made Me Consider Me is a site-specific experience, leading employees into a world of amnesia where everything is store, but nothing is remembered. Middle-management will micro-manage you through endless tunnels to mis-remember an altered past, present and future.


“It Made Me Consider Me is both entertaining and genuinely eerie, its unnerving qualities coming as much from the disturbingly familiar atmosphere of a bureaucratic, alienating, process-obsessed office environment as from the sci-fi storyline.’’

– Ka Bradly,  The Stage


Original Concept by Alistair Foylan, Thomas Bostock, Holly Shuttleworth & Phoebe   Naughton
Director Thomas Bostock
Dramaturgy Phoebe Naughton
Dramaturgy Support Louise Mari
Producer Charlotte Winstone
Costume Design Rachel Gammon
Set Design Lara Orawski
Sound Design Will Berger
Lighting Design Jodie Houlihan

Performed by:

Ralph Rhys Slade Jones
Sue Cordelia Stevenson
Peter Derek Elwood
Christopher Jonathan Blaydon
Merv Thomas Bostock

Supported by ACE, New Diorama Theatre, Red Dot cameras


“The ensuing action is a masterpiece of timing as you are separated […] GRUFF Theatre group must be commended for managing to maintain an element of spontaneity as you then bump into other groups just in time for the latest reveal, and obscuring what must be a meticulously thought-out feat of direction.”

– A Younger Theatre