St John’s Hatcham Church, 2013
Devised Work

Four misshapen beings huddle over a table. They plan. Endlessly planning. Waiting…waiting for you.

Unable to leave, separated from normality, longing for some form of interaction The Beings invite guests into their absurd world, where logic is governed by instruction and games. The forthcoming and ever failing hosts, armed with a warped view of social etiquette, bend over backwards to entertain their coveted guests. Grim affairs in the drawing room, rumpus pleasures in the parlour and peculiar processions await those invited. Critiquing both British social class and social mask, Instructionally Invited allows an audience to witness what happens when social conventions fall apart and become swept away in the madness that ensues.


“Flitting between wonderfully grotesque and deeply macabre, Instructionally Invited is an ingenious piece of theatre from a young company that surely has great things in its future. A triumph!”

– Alexa Reid, Punchdrunk


Instructionally Invited, St John’s Hatcham Church, 2013

Devised, Set Design, Sound Design & Performed by Thomas Bostock, Alistair Foylan, Phoebe Naughton & Holly Shuttleworth