The Space, 2014
Devised Work
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“Instructionally Invited is devised by a company whose passion for what they do is infectious and they’ve created a show that offer audiences something unique that is far bigger than the 60 minutes run time of the show. A genuine treasure of a show that is as rewarding as it is inventive.”

– The New Current


For the attention of ms/mr/miss/mrs/master/mistress/sir/madame/monsieur/being/person, The Beings of the household request the honour of your presence/attendance/company/participation, cordially enticing your attention to frolic zestfully at an affair in a majestically dank cavern cavorting for your amusement with an at home ball, celebrating with a flutter of merrymaking in cahoots with a functional gala. Bound together by time, four things await your arrival. For the deep honor of receiving your gracious presence to a recreational romp/occasion/soirée/shindig like no other. We rely heavily upon your reply. It’s all we have. We can never leave. I hope you can join us. Do join us please.


The Beings.



Created, devised & performed by: Thomas Bostock, Alistair Foylan, Phoebe Naughton & Holly Shuttleworth
Dramaturgy & stage management: Ally Couch
Set design & construction: Joe Mercier
Lighting: Matt Vile