STYX, 2017

You are the dead; a lost soul. You can hear the gods around you. You can access the divine and the sublime. As you navigate around the building you are spun into the fabric of a mythical world. Once you are plunged into the underworld these stories become real. You are free to drift, impervious to the events around you ­ with an eternity to explore and ruminate on the stories that live in this space meeting gods and monsters along the way.  Emerging back into London you see it anew. Around you are epic characters, undertaking epic deeds and behind doors and under your feet is magic.

Taking inspiration from tales as old as time, the mythology of the Ancient Greeks, RIFT will present an exploration of The Underworld: Orpheus, Psyche, Persephone ­ descending to Hades, a surreal underworld where each of these stories live and reach their dramatic end. 


“But the actual narrative is secondary to the sensations provoked on this strange journey. It’s dark — literally and figuratively — and richly poetic.”

– Culture Whisper


Cross the River Styx, STYX, August, 2015

Directed by Felix Mortimer
Design by Joshua Nawras
Written by Thomas McMullen

Developed and performed by Thomas Bostock, Alistair Foylan, Phoebe Naughton, Holly Shuttleworth, Sam Hunt and Hilary McCool